Communication that makes a difference.
Geektown is an award-winning agency working with clients from all over the world from our office in Swedish Lapland. The untouched nature, deep forests and magnificent lakes have influenced our creative team to develop a new, successful method that transforms ordinary communication into something quite spectacular. Our team of three likes communication in every shape and form and consists of an art director, a project manager and an illustrator. We develop your ideas into creative concepts.

With focus on social and cultural development as a key factor, we believe the most important thing in life is to help to build a sustainable society. From socially responsible organizations to music festivals who work for equal rights, we as a team are experts in communicating change and shaping opinion. We always work closely with our clients. Geektown has won and been nominated for many awards for our creative ideas, for example European Design Awards, German Design Awards, Cooperative of the Year and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Media has also shown an interest in Geektown and we have been featured for a double spread in Cap&Design, The Scolar, Dagens Industri, NSD & Kuriren.

We also share our experience, knowledge and tools in our Geek Academy. Education is a central part of the Geektown business idea and vision which corresponds with Geektown’s cooperative values.

Clients: Ted x Kiruna, Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), Norrlandsoperan NO! (opera house), Adecco, Forum för levande historia (the Living History Forum), Coompanion (national agency which offers business advice for cooperations), placebranding for the cities of Älvsbyn and Överkalix, Svensk kooperation (Co-operatives Sweden), Musikens Makt (music festival), Ice Music (winter music festival), Myrorna (nation-wide second-hand store), Laponia (world heritage), Uppsala universitet (Uppsala University) and many more!